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Monthly Meetings

  • About the meeting
    The Society meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Meg Olive room in the RAAFA Estate, Bull Creek Drive, Bull Creek (just opposite the RAAFA Museum). Meetings commence at 7.30 pm, and all are welcome and attendance is free.  Following is a list of speakers scheduled to present with a summary of their topic.
  • February 2022
    Meeting Date – 15th February 2022

    Guest Speaker – Brendan Cook

    Topic – Harold John Timperley – journalist, soldier, propagandist, pacifist, stooge.  Harold Timperley was an Australian journalist known for his reporting of the war in China in the 1930’s and author of the book “What War Means”.

  • March 2022
    Meeting Date – 15th March 2022

    Guest Speaker – Daniel Archibald

    Topic – Fighter Aircraft Design.

    Control of the air is crucial to the military enterprise. How to cost-effectively achieve this control is dictated by fighter aircraft design and operating philosophy. This talk will cover the trade-offs involved in designing fighter aircraft and the resultant force structure.

  • April 2022
    Meeting Date – 18th April 2022

    Guest Speaker – Graham McKenzie Smith

    Topic – The Ebb and Flow of Australian Army Units in WA during World War 2.

  • May 2022
    Meeting Date – 17th May 2022

    Guest Speaker – John Adeney and Dr. Bill Edgar

    Topic – The battle of Western Australia Hill Expanded

    A follow-on presentation from Dr. Edgar’s presentation on Western Australia Hill in 2021 that will expand on the locations of other actions involving the 1st Australian Mounted Infantry. The presentation will take the form of a discussion.

  • June 2022
    Meeting Date – 21st June 2022

    Guest Speaker – Miles Wittham-Seth

    Topic – The Battle of the Java Sea.

  • Jul 2022
    Meeting Date – 19th July 2022

    The Annual General Meeting of the Military History Society will be held on the 19th July.  Following the AGM, two speakers will present a short 20 minute talk.